General Information


This II Revbela Communication and Research award wants to reward the best works on active conflicts and the potential risks of the 21st century for human security, which were published between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

At Revbela and the Fundación Araguaney-Puente de Culturas we understand the truthful and rigorous information process, together with quality academic research, as fundamental elements for a critical analysis of the treatment of violent conflicts that condition human evolution and that, therefore, they demand the positioning of all.


With this premise as a starting point, we establish the II Revbela  Communication and Research Award, with three purposes:


  • Contribute to a greater knowledge of these unfair situations.​

  • Demand your resolution in the most immediate way possible.

  • Recognize publicly the role of media and researchers in raising awareness and mobilizing citizens.